Solar Dryer

Solar Dryer

Drying is one of the methods used to preserve food products for longer periods. The heat from the sun coupled with the wind has been used to dry food for preservation for several thousand years. Solar thermal technology is a technology that is rapidly gaining acceptance as an energy saving measure in agriculture application. It is preferred to other alternative sources of energy such as wind and shale, because it is abundant, inexhaustible, and non-polluting. Solar air heaters are simple devices to heat air by utilizing solar energy and it is employed in many applications requiring low to moderate temperature below 80°C, such as crop drying and space heating. Drying is the oldest preservation technique of agricultural products and it is an energy intensive process. High prices and shortages of fossil fuels have increased the emphasis on using alternative renewable energy resources. Drying of agricultural products using renewable energy such as solar energy is environmental friendly and has less environmental impact.

How solar dryer Works?

Drying implies the partial removal of water from the material. But when fuel fired equipment is used in the process then the term dehydration is often applied. Condition essential to both drying and dehydration include a supply of heat energy to evaporate the water and a supply of air to carry away the water vapor produced.In open air Solar drying the heat is supplied by direct absorption of Solar radiation by material being dried. The vapor produced is carried away by air moving past the material, the air motion being due either to natural convection resulting from contact with the heated material or to winds. In dehydration using fuel heat, the material being dried is placed in an enclosure and heated air is blown past the surface of the surface of the material to remove moisture. Solar dryer make use of solar radiation, ambient temperature, relative humidity. Heated air is passed naturally or mechanically circulated to remove moisture from material placed inside the enclosure.Many variation of Solar dryers offer the processor a wide range of opportunity to select various type of Solar dryers depending on degree of control over the drying process and handling of the material.


1 Solar Dryer

Solar Dryer

We offered highly efficient Solar Dryer that is widely recognised in uses such as drying of vegetables, milk powder production in dairy industries, drying of woods and in textile industries for drying of dyed garments. Offered dryer is most economical and green alternate of conventional drying methods and therefore largely cherished for its unmatched features. We offered this meticulously designed and manufactured solar dryer at pocket-friendly price.


  • Energy efficient
  • Unmatched performance
  • Quality design

2 Solar Cabinet Dryer

Solar Dryer

We are a reputed enterprise that is offering precisely-engineeredSolar Food Dryer. The offered system is used in drying of food items utilising heat energy of sun and designed using quality assured components and the latest technology and stringently tested against several parameters. We provide this food dryer to our valued clients in assorted specifications at market leading rates within promised time frame.


  • Convenient to use
  • Easy control and Maintenance
  • Fast Deployment

3 Solar Tunnel Dryer

Solar Dryer

Solar Tunnel Dryer is one of the Chipest form of solar dryer and it is one of best efficiency due to Direct Conduction Heating, and Solar Radiation Heating. And can be used for small drying capacity of around 10 kg per day to 500 kg per day. Ideal For Drying Ginger, Garlic , kassava, Carrot, Jackfruit etc.

4 Solar Herb Dryer

Solar Dryer

Solar herb Dryer Is one of the best drying machine for the herbal as well as medicinal plants where aroma, flavour, taste and colours are most important. It dries the products under controlled environment no direct sunlight , drying under temperature range of 55-65 deg cel. protacted from the outside environment. we have all range stating 10 kg to 1000 kg per day.

5 Industrial Solar Dryer

Solar Dryer

A wide assortment of Industrial Solar Dryer is offered by us that is vastly demanded in market. This industrial dryer is manufactured in such a way that the product requires less maintenance and has long service life. With applications varying from drying of large scale textiles to ample qualities of wood or crops etc., offered product is well known due to its remarkable features like quality material and latest technology. We provide this industrial solar dryer in different specifications at reasonable rates.


  • Highly efficient
  • Safe and prolonged uses
  • Low maintenance

6 Solar Tent Dryer

Solar Dryer

Solar tent dryers are one of the chipest option for the products to be dried is in large qty and where peoples used to dry it initialli in open sun drying due to its faster payback. the main advantages of this type of dryer is it dries faster compare to open sun drying and also dirt, dust and birds cannot damage the material kept for drying. It also prevent direct UV radiation and Direct rains falling on the products.

7 Solar Conduction Dryer

Solar Conduction Dryer

Solar Conduction dryer works mainly on principal of Conductive heat transfer the products to be dried is kept on the Conductive material which gets heated by means of solar radiation. Automated DC fan provided to keep the air circulation temperature maintain an dthe moisture removal. Capacity available 5kg, 10kg, 25 kg, 100 kg , 200 kg.

8 Solar Vegetable Dryer

Solar Vegetable Dryer

solar vegetable dryers are one of the best solution for farmers to post harvest their farm produced vegetable. It is designed specially to keep the taste and aroma and natural flavors intact.

9 Solar Fish Dryer

Solar Fish Dryer

Fish has been favorite food for all since century ago. Earlier natural sun drying was the suitable method for Post harvesting technology for fish. We have lot many solution for the drying of fish under controlled environment to get high quality of the Solar Dried Fish. There are lot many version and models as per the Customer need, Size and Budjets. we have done lot many Fish Drying Project in India And abroad.